The Sulu State College was visited by Dean Ronald U. Mendoza, the Dean of Ateneo de Manila School of Government together with his party and lectured on the topic “From Pandemic to Endemic towards Inclusive Recovery from CoVid-19” at the Hostel and Ladies Dormitory, Conference Room.

Present during the Session are the Sulu State College Directors and School Deans, and other guests from the different offices here in Sulu, LTC Elson Ballena from the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Ms. Zhea Abdulmajid from Notre Dame of Jolo for College, Ms. Sharmina Kisri from Nourun Nisah Organization, Mr. Nur-raez Omar from the Sulu Provincial Office and Mr. Saddam Sajid from Lupah Sug Alternative of Young Advocators. Thank you very much for choosing Sulu State College as part of your visit here in Sulu.