1. Senior High School students of the Department of Education accredited school expecting to graduate at the end of school year 2021-2022
  2. Senior High School graduates who are not yet enrolled in college
  3. Transferee and
  4. College degree holders who wish to take another program for their second degree
  1. Bring your SSC-CET Permit and Official Receipt, No Permit means No Exam
  2. Bring a No. 2 Pencil, an eraser and pencil sharpener
  3. Bring one (1) valid ID Card with photo and signature for verification purposes, ID will be asked by the Test Specialist prior to the examination
  4. Be at the venue/test room before the scheduled time of examination. If you are lost, please call or text Cellphone number 09264168499 or go directly to the Office of Admission for assistance. Late examinees will not be allowed to take the examination. They are advised to reschedule their examination date subject to the availability of slots. Rescheduling of the dates can be done only once; the applicants should file a new application after failing to take the test for whatever reason
  5. Wear Facemask, The use of calculator and cellphone is strictly prohibited
  1. Fill out Qualifying Examination Application Form for SSC-College Entrance Test (SSC-CET). Forms with incomplete information will not be processed
  2. Attach two (2) pieces of 2×2 photos to the form and submit to the Admission Office for the approval; photo taken recently with Name Tag and White Background.
  3. Honorable Dismissal and photo copy of the Transcript of Records (TOR) for the transferees and second degrees
  4. Pay cc at the Cashier and bring the validated form and official receipt to the Office of Admission
  5. Certification from the school principal that certifies the applicant is currently enrolled as grade 12 student and candidate for graduation
  6. Admission Staff will schedule your examination based on the place, time and date of examination permit slip
  1. Present all the requirements to the office of Admission
  2. Proceed to Guidance Office for orientation
  3. Proceed to Dean of Student Affairs Office
  4. Proceed to your chosen school for evaluation and submit all the requirements
  5. Go to the adviser for the approval of your enrollment
  6. Proceed to Assessment Section assign in your respective School
  7. Proceed to Cashier for the payment
  8. Proceed to Registrar to get your Enrollment Completion Form
  9. Proceed back to the Dean of Student Affairs Office and present your Certificate of Registration for Student Id
  10. Proceed to the Dean of your School and submit your Completed Enrollment Form and Copy of your Certificate
    of Registration
  1. CET result/Admission Form from Dean of Admission Office
  2. 2 copies Photocopy PSA Birth Certificate
  3. Senior High School Card with LRN/Form 137
  4. Honorable Dismissal of Transfer credentials for transferee only
  5. Certificate of good moral character
  6. Certificate of Completion
  7. 2 pcs (1×1) and 4 pcs (2×2) pictures with name tag and white background
  8. 2 pcs Long folder with fastener and brown envelop
  9. Proper haircut (Clean cut) for Male Student only. (to be accomplished later)