The Sulu State College Stalwart Academy was set to meet the expectation of both the enrollees and the parents ever since its launching on the first week of August where young stalwarts were ought to be harnessed through their chosen programs.

Through the collective efforts of the SSC Coaches, the young stalwarts were trained to become more confident with their skills and talents.

This activity was spearheaded by the College President, Prof. Charisma S. Ututalum, CESE, who was the brain of the program and who really initiated this academy, and just yesterday the young stalwartsvery memorable moment as part of the Stalwarts Academy finally happened, the Culminating Activity where the students showcased their skills and talents in Arts, Public Speaking, Reading, Mathematics, Sports, Dancing, Singing and Modeling on stage, together with the awarding ceremony of the outstanding students in the different programs.

The Stalwart Academy is headed by the Head of the Academy, the College President herself, the Head Coaches, Mr. Saurajan Darawi, Mrs. Ridzma Sali and Mr. Almashin Lipae, and the Coaches for the different programs.

It was such a memorable event for the Sulu State College, as stated by the College President during her speech, this all started from a dream of a mother and multipled to a whole lot of mothers like herself, and thats what made Stalwarts Academy 2022 a success.

Special thanks to the support shown by the Sponsors of the Culminating Activity, the Shien Lipae Salon and Honorable Vice Mayor Ezzeddin Soud Tan.

Stalwarts Academy 2022 will now be signing off, and we will see you all next year for another meaningfull experience with the sets of young stalwarts!