Sulu State College History Background

               The forerunner of the Sulu State College was the Sulu High School which was established by the Americans in 1924. This was the highest institution of learning in Sulu (Tawi-Tawi was still a part of Sulu) that serves the educational needs of the people.

                I 1970, the Jolo Community College was opened in response to the desire of the provincial government to make college education accessible to the youth of Sulu. It grew into a big community college with an average enrolment of 1,200 per semester.

                In 1974, the Sulu High School was converted to a National High School and named Dayang Hadji Piandao Memorial High School in honor of the late Pangian (Queen) of Sulu.

                While Dayang Dayang Hadji Piandao Memorial High School was supported by the national government, the Jolo Community College derived its support solely from the tuition and other school fees paid by the students. Both school were under the administration of late Mr. Mukatil U. Salih, the principal.

                With the passage of Batas Blg.208 in 1982, the two Institution were merged into what is now SULU STATE COLLEGE and by operation of said law, the principal was appointed as acting President until his retirement in 1989. In the same year, Dr. Norma A. Abdulla succeeded Mr. Salih, as the first female Full-pledged President of the College. During her incumbency, various changes were made such as the transfer of the college department to the main campus at the Capitol site, the construction of the Gymnasium, the Administration building, and the Computer Center and the perimeter fencing of the main campus and the nursery in Gandasuli, Patikul, Sulu.

                After Dr. Abdulla’s retirement in 1995, Mr. Ibrahim Al-bar, Assistant Regional Director for Region IX was appointed of Officer-In-Charge in January 1996 until late May of the same year. Subsequently, Dr. Hamsali S. Jawali was appointed Second Full-pledge President to serve a six-year term.

                A few months after his assumption into office as President of the College. Dr. Hamsali has done a lot for the College. Among his accomplishment are the offering of the school of nursing. Construction of five two-storey building namely: Science and Technology, High School, Business Administration. Arts and Science, a circular Student Center, Agriculture, the extension of the college library and construction of nursing building. The ground breaking of SSC lady dormitory was done during the last week of June 2001. Moreover, he initiated the establishment of the Islamic Institute and constructed a mosque. He designated additional officials to promote the efficiency and productivity of the management work force of the College. Furthermore, he was an instrumental in the acquisition of the speech laboratory, computer hardware to upgrade IT program improvement of Computer Science Center, and acquired additional vehicles for faculty and personnel use. He also renovated pre-fab building for the office of school deans and the school clinics.

                Dr. Hamsali extend his presidency until 2010. Upon his exit from the college of the Sulu State College, the commission on higher education made another search for presidency of the college and conducted an election. It was Prof.abdurasa S. Arasid Ed. D won the said election as president of Sulu State College. President of Sulu State College.

                For more than a year as College President, he continues to improve the development of College particularly in updating the instructional technologies of education. He initiated the acquisition of the newest technology such as robotic and other advance technologies for Computer Science and Engineering department and so far only SSC is the first one to use this technology in the entire ARMM region. He also concentrated more on the instructional facilities which Dr. Arasid believed that Tau-sug Students have also the right to use and enjoy what other colleges are using. He also accomplished more infrastructure projects, namely: The Green House at the School Agriculture; Science and Mathematics department together with the School of Graduate Studies; and covered Court at the main campus, Capitol Site.

                On June 21, 2018, DR. CHARISMA S. UTUTALUM won the election and sworn into office as the new SSC President.