We are dedicating our salutation and gratefulness to the support shown by the different local government units of the Sulu and the province as a whole during the Padyak Activity.

First and foremost, to our Provincial Governor, Hon. Abdusakur M. Tan for gracing this momentous event with the Commission on Higher Education Chairperson, Prof. J. Prospero de Vera III. His presence made the event more meaningful. Truly, he is dedicated for the progress of higher education institutions in the province.

To the Congressman of the First District of Sulu, Hon. Samier Tan, his participation during Padyak sparked inspiration to the bikers and the rest of the community.

To the local government unit of Jolo headed by Hon. Kerkhar M. Tan, together with Vice Mayor, Hon. Ezzedin Tan and the councilors of the town, the warm welcome energized the bikers and our revered visitors. To the local goverment unit of Maimbung headed by Hon. Shihla Tan-Hayudini, whose support was immensely provided despite during on travel. We are also extending our thanks to the OIC Mayor, Hon. Aiman Tan for the ardent hospitality upon arrival to Maimbung municipality.

We are thankful to the support that the province has shown that lead to the success of this activity making it a memorable cycling event in the province.