The Sulu State College (SSC) had once again embarked on a significant milestone as it commenced the online accreditation process for the School of Business Administration and Management (SBAM) seeking Level II re-accreditation. The event, slated from Mar. 13 to 15, unfolded at the SSC Hostel Function Hall.

The day one of the event commenced with solemnity as attendees gathered for an invocation, followed by the rendition of the national anthem, SSC hymn and Quality policy. Prior to the official commencement, participants were treated to an intermission number featuring an engaging SSC promotional video, setting the stage for what promises to be a transformative journey for the institution.

Assoc. Prof. Delfina A. Ampung, DPA, Director of the Quality Assurance Office, set the tone with her insightful opening remarks, emphasizing the significance of the accreditation process. The College President, Prof. Charisma S. Ututalum, CESE, graced the event with her inspirational message, underscoring the institution’s commitment to excellence in education.

Mr. Saurajan Darawi, MAED, the Dean of Student Affairs, then introduced the administrative officials, highlighting their commitment to upholding SSC’s standards of quality education. Asso. Prof. Hartini D. Saradi, DPA, Dean of the School of Business Administration and Management, presented the local committee of SBAM, highlighting their pivotal role in the accreditation process.

The presentation of the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) accreditors, headed by Dr. Mae Flor G. Posadas from Central Philippine State University, followed. The team included Prof. Crisalyn T. Pascual from Cagayan State University and Prof. Maria Pretty Lay T. Abdala, the librarian accreditor from Bulacan State University a team of diverse and experienced panel committed to excellence in education.

The event culminated with the viewing of another promotional video of SBAM, reinforcing the institution’s commitment to innovation and progress. Assoc. Prof. Ampung delivered the closing remarks, expressing gratitude to all participants for their unwavering support and dedication.

The launch event was hosted by Dr. Adawia Jamasali, who ensured the smooth execution of proceedings towards Level II re-accreditation of the said school.

Moreover, the second day of the accreditation was headed by Assoc. Prof. Saradi. The program flowed smoothly under the direction of Assoc. Prof. Ampung. Their focus was the preparation of the requirements for the accreditation.

Virtual presentation was also provided by Mr. Andrew P. Penafiel, NTTC, and Mr. Ahmed Aziz D. Alawan. The students cooperated with their different tasks and were advised by their instructor, Mr. Randil V. Kadil, MPA, MBA. The routine was the same in the afternoon.

The day three of the accreditation was hosted by Dr. Jamasali, kicking off with an invocation and introduction of the accreditors.

The last day was highlighted with the AACCUP accreditors’ impression regarding the projects and activities.

Meanwhile, Prof. Ututalum responded to the speakers, followed by the statement of commitment from the Dean of SBAM, Asso. Prof. Saradi.

In closing the program, virtual awards were given as an appreciation for attending the online accreditation. The event officially ended with closing remarks from the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Nelson U. Julhamid Ph.D.