Dean, School of Nursing



We envision Sulu State college School of Nursing as a center of excellence in nursing Education whose faculty and graduates steeped in the Principles of leadership, research and public Services.


Guided by the Core values Of love Of God, Love of People and Country, and Caring, We Commit to Provide Quality Nursing education that is Compatible with Global standards Considering the Diverse and Dynamic Roles of Nurses as Clinicians, teachers, researchers and leaders.


  1. To Prepare a Professional Nurse, who, upon Completion of The Program, Demonstrates beginning professional Competencies and shall continue to assume responsibility for Professional Development and utilizes research findings in the Nursing practice.
  2. to address the challenges in today’s health care environment and promote excellence in teaching, research and service.
  3. SSC School of Nursing will be recognized nationally for excellence of its programs and development of professional nurses and community health care leaders.


  1. To Provide Students with the relevant and necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes for the promotion and restoration of health, prevention of Illness and alleviation of suffering.
  2. Develop in the Students deep awareness and understanding of the ethic-moral, legal and social responsibilities of the profession.
  3. Develop Critical and Creative Thinking Skills as well as research capabilities through the use of the nursing process in the key area of responsibility.


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

The pink color is a calming color associated with love, kindness, and femininity. Nursing has been portrayed as a feminine occupation ever since the appearance of Nightingale nursing training style in the mid-nineteenth century which favored women over men to become nurses however this has been despairing because humanistic nursing takes empathy, respect for human dignity, altruism, patient autonomy, friendly environment, and holistic care and those qualities can be uphold by men.

The falcons withholds the qualities of our student nurses. Falcon has an essential role in the ecosystem, they control populations of their prey. Nurses in our ecosystem, prevent diseases and promote health to the clientele, individual, family, groups and populations in the community. A bird called falcon is best known for its speed and keen eyesight. They continue to fly high and flap their wings 4 times per second until they reach their destination, student nurses are like them, they strive to be informative and skillful everyday as much as they can in order for them to be successful in achieving their goals, and that is to care efficiently with competency and professionalism. Falcons are able to spot, and kill prey quietly and efficiently. Nursing on the other hand, the target is the patient’s tragedy and they are good at identifying problems of the patient thereby they are able to determine what intervention should be implemented to successfully put an end to the patient’s suffering. A falcon may be described as a top predator but with a touch of pink.