The Sulu State College spearheaded by the College President, Prof. Charisma S. Ututalum, CESE had the initiative of cultivating talents and skills of young individuals by opening the Stalwarts Academy which offers different programs: under Arts are Painting, Sketching, Calligraphy and Lettering, Sculpture/Installation, and Public Speaking, under Academic are Reading and Mathematics, under Sports are Badminton, Basketball and Table Tennis, and under Talents are Dancing, Singing, Acting and Theater Arts and Modeling.

The Stalwarts Academy is headed by the Head of the Academy, the College President herself, the Head Coaches, Mr. Saurajan Darawi, Mrs. Ridzma Sali and Mr. Almashin Lipae, and the Coaches for the different programs.

It was such a memorable event for the Sulu State College for this Stalwart Academy was a long-time dream of Prof. Ututalum which was brought to reality by the collective efforts of the team. As stated by Prof. Ututalum everyone is very excited for the journey of the Stalwarts Academy students with Sulu State College.

Congratulations SSC for the successful launching of Stalwarts Academy!