To the empowered, passionate and so-ever loving women of the institution, your language speaks positivity and your actions influence the SSC community. We are honoured to be led by women leaders who inspire us to advance our place in our organizations, with our very own college President, Prof. Charisma Ututalum, CESE.

Today’s event was graced by different individuals who support the advocacy, Fatma Jinnu, Alvin Anonas, Tadsmahl Askali, Radznaisal Umabong Hassan, Luonorcima Taraji and Syasamir Marsuki.

Congratulations to the Gender and Development Focal Person, Ms. Venjielyn Alian for organizing the event. To the deans, directors, faculty and students, for actively participating and for the support. For sharing inspiring stories of mothers, sisters and daughters. Let us continue to cultivate the culture of love and respect, and signify the roles of women in the community. Happy International Women’s Day to all!