Another town and gown collaboration with the Municipality of Omar will be on its way. The School of Agriculture will be catering its programs and services in the municipality and with the advocacy of the LGU on food security, this will provide opportunities for the locals to be equipped with the skills and knowledge that would help to continue the progress and development of the municipality. Present during the meeting was the Mayor of Municipality of Omar, Hon. Abdulbaki Ajibon, the Vice Mayor, Hon. Juddin Pantasan and from Sulu State College, the President, Prof. Charisma Ututalum, the member of the Board of Trustees, Hon. Alfrazier Ahalul, Hon. Alnadzma Tulawie and Ms. Ayesha Rema Tan, Prof. Jehana Muallam Darkis the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mr. Almashien Lipae, the Chief Administrative Officer and the deans from School of Agriculture and CSITE, Engr. Sarha Sangkula and Asst. Prof. Aldaruhz Darkis, respectively.

We are extending our gratitude to the ever active Mayor, Hon. Abdulbaki Ajibon for the continous support and sharing the vision for the province.