The International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors, and Reviewers, Inc., in collaboration with Sultan Kudarat State University, hosted a training workshop on AI-integrated research advising and paneling held on February 7–9, 2024, at Selah Pods Holtel Manila, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines. It was attended by different state universities in the Philippines, including Sulu State College represented by Dr. Anang Fatma Jawali and Ms. Mailen Antao.

The training workshop began with a demystifying introduction to AI in academia. It wasn’t about robots replacing teachers, but rather tools to empower them. Participants explored different AI assistants that could curate personalized reading lists, identify research gaps, flag potential plagiarism, and even make a simulation-scripted research advisory and panel. Concerns surfaced among the participants. However, the trainers were well versed in acknowledging these concerns, emphasizing the complementary nature of AI and human expertise. AI is indeed a powerful tool, but it doesn’t and will never replace the wisdom and empathy of a good teacher and/or researcher.

By the end, the initial skepticism had transformed into cautious optimism. Participants left not with ready-made solutions but with a toolkit of possibilities. AI integration wasn’t a magic bullet, but a promising path towards more efficient, data-informed research guidance. The “AI-integrated research advising and paneling” workshop wasn’t just about technology; it was about transformation.

It was about embracing innovation while cherishing the human touch, ultimately creating a dynamic scenario where both thrived, empowering a new generation of researchers to soar. It was all thanks to the brilliant resource speakers: Dr. Genaro Virador Japos from the Philippine Association of Institutions for Research, Inc., and Dr. Mary Gretchen F. Chaves from the University of the Philippines, Cebu. Of course, to the college president, Prof.Charisma S. Ututalum,CESE for the support rendered to the participants in this training workshop.