Sulu State College (SSC) toured the party of Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Chairman Prospero “Popoy” De Vera III from Bubuan Island, Hadji Panglima Tahil, Sulu to Asmawil Beach Resort, Capual Island, Omar, Sulu in the afternoon of August 8, 2021. SSC and party headed by Prof. Charisma Ututalum, together with Chairman Popoy’s party. The reception was enriched with Tausug hospitality and delicacies. We are extending our utmost gratitude to the different local government units and the community for the warm welcome to our special guests.

To our supportive Congressman of the First District of Sulu, Hon. Samier Tan, for his presence during the Sulu tour of the Chairperson, for the transportation and other facilities in the island. Your support is truly appreciated.

To Hon. Mohammad Mustafa Burahan, Mayor of Hadji Panglima Tahil and the rest of the Hadji Panglima Tahil municipal employees, for the hospitality, warm welcome and the sumptous food.

To Hon. Abdulbaki Ajibon, Mayor of Omar, for the memorable experience in the beautiful islands of Omar. To the barangay captain, Hon. Jul-Arab Asmawil and to the local community of Omar. To BGEN Benjamin Batara and Col. Taharudin Ampatuan, for grace welcome on our visit in Bud Datu together with barangay captain, Hon. Abdelnasser Kadil.

During the tour, inspirational talks were discussed about great opportunities of education, envisioned benefits for the youth of Sulu. Cultural performance was showcased too. One striking portion of the occasion was the words of appreciation for the province of Sulu. They emphasized that their visit to the local place disapproved all the negative commentaries they heard in Manila about Sulu being dangerous. They proudly said that when they return home, they will tell people that Sulu indeed is a very peaceful and beautiful province.