Nurses are there when the last breath is taken, and when the first breath is breathe in. Although it is more enjoyable to celebrate the birth, as it is how important to comfort in death. Being a nurse is not just simply being one, we play an important role on the human lives we touch throughout our journey being angels in scrubs.

Today, our student nurses pledged to be of those who will deliver care and prevent illness amidst challenges in life. We witnessed their perseverance and passion being the comfort in surviving this pandemic with the theme: “Sulu State College School of Nursing; Embracing New Normal thru Innovation and Excellence.” Our utmost gratitude to our dear college President, Prof. Charisma Ututalum, CESE for the limitless support and love for the School of Nursing. Thank you so much, President Ututalum. To the Administrative Officials and deans of the different schools who lend their precious time rejoicing this momentous event of our dear students. Thank you very much, Mam and Sir. Indeed, your support warmed the hearts of our dear future nurses.To our Guest Speaker, Hon. Elizabeth Lagrito, RN, Ed.D. One of the members of the Board of Nursing for sharing an inspirational messege that gave us a heart full of joy being here today. Thank you very much, Mam.

💞To the Clinical Instructors who gave their best efforts in giving our students the best Cap and Badge (face-to-face) ceremony that they’ve all waited for so long, thank you very much. Your passion and support is indeed commendable. To the Dean of the School of Nursing, Assist.Prof Alijandrina Tan-Jalilul, thank you for the love and support for the School of Nursing. The students are indeed grateful to you. And last but not the least, to the Batch Asclepians 2023, we hope you had a blast in today’s momentous event and may you all be inspired and strive to work hard to attain your goals in life, to be a registered nurse someday. Goodluck and may the pledge of Florence Nightingale be embeded in the inner most part of your hearts. 🤍SSC School of Nursing, Builder of Dreams, Compassion, Competence, and Commitment. 🕯💉✨