Congratulations to our College President for being recognized for this prestigous award.

Your SSC community is proud of you!


Meet the very humble and yet influential woman of Sulu, the president of Sulu State University, Dr. Charisma Ututalum,Prof. Charisma Ututalum is the president of Sulu State College. She is not just a mother of five children as she serves students from different municipalities in Sulu. Ever since she took office, the college has been quenched with the taste of progress and development. She empowers the faculty which then radiated to students and eventually to the community. Her desire to serve the Tausug people has been exemplary, making significant changes that have put the spotlight to the institution in the province. Her charisma attracted people from different walks of life, influencing them to work for a shared goal, for a better SSC and for a better Sulu.