Dean, School of Biological Science

The biological sciences present exciting and worthwhile career opportunities. With the wide range of areas of interest offered in the discipline, the workplaces are likewise varied from universities, zoos, hospitals, government, and laboratories in tropical rainforests to ocean depths.

A graduate of BS Biology may be engaged in basic and applied research where they can be employed as research assistants or biological laboratory technicians in government agencies, museums, zoos and aquaria, and private organizations. They can also go to industrial research work involving product development, management, or inspection particularly in agriculture, biotechnology, food and nutrition, pharmaceutical and other health care related industries.

The bachelor’s degree is adequate for some non-research jobs such as testing and inspection, and technical sales or service representatives. Some private and non-government organizations also hire BS Biology graduates for advocacy and communication work involving science, technology and the environment. Graduates may also be engaged in biology-based industries such as production, food science, and technology, management, marketing and bioprospecting, public lectures and workshops, writing science articles in newspaper, magazines and books, production of educational software or multimedia applications, development of educational films and television programs and collection, preservation and sale of biological specimens.

The program qualifies one to work as a teaching assistant in a college or university. With additional courses in education and passing of the Licensure Exam for Teachers, a BS Biology graduate an also be employed as a high school biology teacher. Biology is closely related to the fields of agriculture, fisheries, forestry, nutrition, medicine, veterinary medicine, animal and plant sciences, and environmental science.

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Curricular Offerings

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology


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