SEA Games Pencak Silat medalist and a former student of SSC Laboratory High School, Mr.Denmark Abdurasad, graced our College President, Prof. Charisma S. Ututalum, CESE with a courtesy visit on May 30, 2023. The visit served as a testament to his dedication and achievements in the realm of martial arts.

As part of his visit, Abdurasad engaged in a series of conversations with the president sharing his journey in the field of martial arts. The conversations highlight the values of discipline, perseverance, and respect that lie at the heart of Pencak Silat.

He emphasized the importance of cultivating physical and mental strength, as well as fostering a deep appreciation for the art’s cultural heritage.

This memorable visit served as a powerful reminder most especially to our aspiring Pencak Silat team in our institution as this will serve as their inspiration to pursue excellence in their chosen fields.

The Sulu State College expressed its gratitude for his presence, acknowledging the role he plays in inspiring future generations of Pencak Silat.