Another rich lectures were obtained by the five Sihnag staffers as they attended the Day-2 of the 2nd National Webinars and Writing Competitions in Campus Journalism hosted by the Organization of Student Services Educators, Inc. (OSSEI) on April 17, 2021 via zoom. The lectures presented were “Editorial Writing” and “Editorial Cartooning” by Dave Ventura and Glenn Agustin, respectively. The staffers who represented Sihnag were Remalyn Habibon (Editor-in-chief), Alkhamar Saddalani (Feature Editor), Fatima Marniza Rene (Staff Writer), Shaira Sakkam (Staff Writer), and Bennajar Angsa (Staff Writer). The Sihnag adviser, Adawia Jamasali-Alibasa, was also with the staffers during the session. We are always grateful for the utmost support of our college president Prof. Charsima S. Ututalum.