• In response to the recent developments and directive of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte through Proclamation No. 922 series of 2020, the Commission is furnishing the CHED COVID-19 Advisory No. 3, for information and guidance of all higher education institutions (HEI) and CHED central and regional offices.
  • In connection with the Resolution issued by the Interagency Task Force on the Management of Infectious Diseases and in consultation with officials of public and private higher education institutions (HEIs), the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) issues the following advisory to guide HEIs in their response to the Covid-19 outbreak
  • HEIs based on the assessment of the situation in their localities and exercise of academic freedom should:1.  Exercise flexibility in determining the extent of adjustments that will be made in their approved academic calendar;
  • Exercise discretion in the field deployment of National Service Training
  • Program (NSTP) students for the current semester and allow the conduct school-based service activities as an alternative;3.   Facilitate alternative activities on enable students to complete required practicum/OJT hours;
  • Deploy available distance learning, e-learning, and other alternative modes of delivery in lieu of residential learning if they have the resources to do so;
  • Evaluate students on the basis of available indicators as of this time and forego other curricular activities for the remainder of the semester;6.  Exercise discretion to postpone graduation ceremonies, if needed;
  • Implement extraordinary and swift measures to address the needs of students,     employees, and other stakeholders arising from COVID-related issues;
  • Private HEIs which will undertake such measures do not need to obtain prior approval from the Commission. However, HEIs are directed to inform CHED in writing and coordinate with the CHED regional offices so that guidance and assistance can be given as the need arises.
  • State universities and colleges must discuss measures to be undertaken with their respective Boards of Regents (BOR) and inform the CHED regional office of such actions.
  • In addition, it has come to the attention of CHED that some hospitals with confirmed COVID-19 cases that are serving as training centers for medical and nursing students are requiring students to continue their rotation duties and are advising students that failure to comply will result in the students repeating their internship program. The  Commission appeals  to  the  officials  of  these  hospitals  to  exercise  leniency during  this  difficult  time  and  explore  alternative  modes  that  will  continue  the medical training and education of their students without compromising their safety.