Sulu State College reached the islands of Lugus to propose another extension program to the locals of the municipality. The college headed by Prof. Charisma Ututalum, with the local government unit represented by Hon. Almedzhar Hajiri, Vice Mayor of Lugus discussed in opening educational programs that will cater their needs in agriculture, technology and entrepreneurship.

During the initial meeting, the LGU expresses the excitement of the locals in providing educational opportunities for them and the college would like to bridge this bringing it to the islands of Lugus.

We are extending our gratitude to the Provincial Director of MENRE, Hajji Pao Dambong and to the others who were present during the meeting, the municipal employees of Lugus, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Jehana Muallam Darkis, Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Almashien Lipae, College Board Secretary, Ms. Ayesha Rema Tan, and the deans of School of CSITE and BSBA, Asst. Prof. Aldaruhz Darkis and Asst. Prof. Hartini Saridi, respectively.