Sulu State College is proud to present the Stalwart E-Learning System, the offical Learning Management System of the college effective this second semester. Online classes will be conducted, modules will be uploaded, data such as subjects, class schedules, grades posting and many other features! Plus, the interface was made to be user-friendly! This milestone is part of the college to cope with the technological advancement. The challenging times during the pandemic have changed the course of our education system. However, we no longer have to resort to different Learning Management Systems such as Google Classroom and Edmodo. The ability to create our own is immeasurably enriched for the institution. It is indeed challenging but for every challenges, comes with the opportunity to test our purpose and transform it into actions. Congratulations to the Institutional Programming Team, Mr. Jan Alih Sauradjan, Mr. Kisar Aggong and Mr. Adzmer Muhali headed by Ms. Froilyn Jamawadi. All the sleepless nights and long times facing the monitors was all worth it, for the students and for Sulu State College. This is another achievement with the supportive administration of Prof. Charisma Ututalum! To get you started, here are links that will guide you: