Western Mindanao State University, in collaboration with WESMAARDEC and WMSU Training Center, partnered with Sulu State College conducted a 3-day training workshop on Statistical Tools in Socio-Economic Research Data using SPSS. The workshop aimed to provide participants with a practical understanding of utilizing SPSS as a statistical tool for effective analysis and interpretation of socio-economic research data. Additionally, it sought to enhance participants’ proficiency in employing a wide range of statistical techniques within SPSS, enabling them to conduct rigorous socio-economic data analysis. The event held on October 3-5, 2023 at the Conference Hall, SSC Hostel, Main Campus.

Assoc. Prof. Frissida Daud, the Research Director, led the training, with faculty members from different schools at Sulu State College actively participating. The training covered key activities such as data encoding and visualization, descriptive statistics using SPSS, inferential statistics using SPSS, one-way analysis, correlation analysis, and output presentation. These sessions were facilitated by the following resource speakers from SERDAC WMSU, Anabel E. Gamorez, Ph.D, project leader, Mr. Dennis R. Marcelino, Ms. Lucy F. Sadiwa, and Mr. Alvener H. Sakili.

In attendees included College President Prof. Charisma S. Ututalum, CESE, and College VPAA Prof. Nelson U. Julhamid, along with Ms. Sherha Baybayan, Ph.D., Raugda Julhamid, and Mr. Saurajan S. Darawi.

Special thanks was extended to Prof. Charisma S. Ututalum, CESE, for the support and efforts towards the development of faculty and staff at Sulu State College. Our Appreciation also towards Research Director Assoc. Prof. Frissida Daud and her team for their successful organization of the event. The presence and guidance of the resource speaker from SERDAC WMSU were acknowledged as pivotal to the event’s success.

Lastly, congratulations were extended to the entire participating faculty from Sulu State College for their exemplary contributions to the workshop.