In light with the implementation of the limited face to face classes in the college and with the Memorandum of the Commission on Higher Education that they must be Philhealth members, the college initiated an easy and fast way of verifying the status of the students.

Sulu State College Stalwart PhilVac Detection System (PDS) identifies if the students are fully vaccinated and members of Philhealth. This is done through scanning of barcodes in their school ID in the Stalwart PDS located at the main gate before they enter inside the campus.

This project will materialize the automation of checking the vaccination status of the students as well being efficient and saving the burden of security personnels who ensures that students of the college are vaccinated.Congratulations to the success of this initiative.

The idea came from the College President Prof. Charisma S. Ututalum, CESE and was translated by the team of developers namely Ridzkan Hassan, Alfadar Galib, Asiral, Abdul-aziz, which was headed by the Institutional Programmer, Adzmer Muhali and with the support of the Dean of Student Affairs and Services, Mr. Saurajan Darawi.