The participants of the awareness campaign are from the 4p’s beneficiaries of baranggay Chinese Pier. 1st of the 8 baranggays of Jolo with the help of the municipal link from the DSWD. Leaflets were given, and accurate information regarding the vaccine and the efficacy were stressed out to gain the confidence of the participants in taking the vaccine once available. Questions and queries were answered by the resources speakers.

We would like to extend our warmest gratitude to Prof. Charisma Ututalum through Prof. Nelson Julhamid, Vice President for Research and Extension for delivering an inspirational messege from the SSC President which gave us hope that will lead us in taking up the vaccine once it’s available.

To Ma’am Radzwhiel Tawasil, Extension Coordinator. Thank you for lending us your time today.

To Barangay Captain of Chinese Pier, Hon. Mernesa Hadjula-Ladja for lending us her precious time today through her representative. Our esteem gratitude to you ma’am for gracing this awareness campaign in support to your constituents, and to the School of Nursing as well. Alhamdulillah, thank yous so much!

To the Dean of the School of Nursing, Assist. Prof. Alijandrina Jalilul, To the Extension Program Coordinator Assist. Prof. Aine Rizzi Abduhadi, To the Clinical Instructors, Security and Staffs, Thank you very much! This campaign program would not be possible without your perseverance and strong will in giving hope to the tausug to fight this pandemic.

Amidst pandemic, the School of Nursing managed to pursue this awareness campaign while practicing DOH Minimun Health Standard.

“Mag sama sama kita nyu mangatu ha sakit ini iban umupiksa sin pararanan natuh ha supaya kapahgangan natuh in sakit panyakit ini ha pag patugsuk sin awal sakit Covid iban pakusugun natuh in pag tawakkal natuh pa Mahasutsi Allāh bt sabunnal tuud siya in sangat kawasa. “ABANTE NURSING!