The Sulu State College Health Services, in partnership with the Rural Health Unit-Jolo (RHU-JOLO), is currently hosting a free vaccination program for anti-flu and pneumonia for SSC employees and students at the covered court on the SSC main campus.

This marks a crucial step towards a healthier and safer community, aligning with #UNSDGs 3 and 17—specifically, good health and well-being and partnerships for the goal. This initiative not only safeguards individuals but also contributes to the safety and well-being of the entire SSC community, showcasing a collaborative approach through partnerships that contribute to the broader goal of sustainable development.

Our heartfelt gratitude to our college president, Prof. Charisma Samparani Ututalum CESE, and Ms. Ayesha Rema Tan for their initiatives in spearheading this program. Special thanks to the SSC Health Services, led by Ms. Alfrida Abbang, for facilitating the activity, along with the SSC School of Nursing personnel. Our appreciation also goes to the RHU-Jolo team for being our vital partner in these essential healthcare services; their efforts and services truly have a significant impact on the welfare of our SSC community.

Let’s protect ourselves and those around us. Your participation can make a significant impact. Let us get vaccinated now The vaccination program is until 5:00 p.m.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get vaccinated and prioritize your well-being.