An Account of Intrepidity: SSC Guard, a Soldier’s Saviorby: Alkhamar L. Saddalani When a mishap befalls, those who run away for their lives may simply survive and live while those who choose to selflessly save others might be placed in a position to possibly meet their imminent ending but will surely immortalize in the accounts of their heroism and dauntlessness. It is quite heartwarming to hear that finally humanity is resurging. A great deal of stories about heroic deeds are prevalent nowadays-from the nurses and doctors who are incessantly saving Covid-19 patients, to tricycle drivers who are honest enough to return the items left on their pedicabs, to a passerby who just took a photo of a poor old man to ask for help on social media and to the most recent, the valorous act of Tausug people in saving the casualties of a C-130 plane crash, unmindful of their own safety. This recent untoward incident was considered as the country’s worst military air disaster in decades due to its fatality (49 passengers perished while 47 luckily survived). But because of how quick the civilians are in responding to the exigency of incident, the casualties were precluded to exacerbate. And interestingly, one of those brave civilians is a proud member of Sulu State College community. He is one of the Sulu State College security guards. He is in service for three years already. Before serving in the security sector, he was once a utility in the School of Nursing for ten long years. He is fondly called “Al”, 36 years old, a resident of Bawnuh Bangkal, Patikul Sulu and also an alumnus the college who took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He is Mr. Almajar Iddris. He was accordingly returning home when the incident happened. He was already nearing Jolo airport when he saw the huge dark smoke and heard people saying that a plane crashed. “Kiyuba-kuba ako, sir. Pannal ko mga ha tungud kamo. Family ko magtuy in naisip ko sambil dimatung na ako pa bay. Alhamdullillah! kita ko na (magtuy) sila.” Mr. Iddris recounted.(My heart throbbed hard, sir. I thought it crashed right before our house. I first thought of my family until I arrived home. Alhamdullillah! I immediately saw them). After finding and securing his family, Mr. Iddris immediately went to the place whence crashing happened to help the soldiers who were still alive yet wincing with their wounds. He never thought twice of helping upon witnessing the woeful scenes right before him. “Makaulung sila aturun. Nagkakalagihan tabang. Biyah way na nakapa-utuk namuh in awn mga mustak ha laum” shared Mr. Iddris.(They are pitiful to watch at. They were in need of help. It no longer occurred to us that maybe something might explode inside). Mr. Iddris said that he helped around three soldiers to be lifted up and placed to lean on under the trees away from the fire. He also added that many civilians came to help on the rescue. “Masarap in feeling, sir magpanabang ha tau. Lalong lalo na ha tau nagkakalagihan sin tabang ta. Kariasali ta Tausug dih magpikil ha kamumulahan basta makatabang lang” our subject matter happily told when asked of his feeling to be a helping hand to somebody who is in state of danger. (It is with great feeling to help people, sir especially when they need our help most. It is but natural to us Tausugs to think not of ourselves being in danger just to provide help).When questioned about the goodness that his action brought aside from saving lives, he said in disbelief how it never came to him that what he did will benefit the Patikul who is greatly besmirched for being known as the stronghold of Abu Sayaff, a terrorist group, as it gathered lauds and positive feedback online. He even joked how he forgot to bring photographer with him to capture his helping during the unfortunate event. The latter part of our interview was made memorable by Mr. Iddris with his words of wisdom which goes like ‘whenever we are faced with situation where somebody needs a hand, being reluctant must be avoided, especially when it will help that somebody to prolong his life’. He ended it with this fact “salingkat lingkat pangaddatan amuna in masawaymuka iban mapanabangun ha tau”.(The greatest character of all is being congenial and helpful to people).Furthermore, the heroes of this unpleasant happening, including Mr. Iddris, proudly received their certificate of appreciation as the token of their bravery and support given to Joint Task Force Sulu during the conduct of rescue and retrieval operations of the casualties. The awarding ceremony was held last July 15, 2021 at the headquarters of the said organization.