SUC President


Greetings of peace and love!

Since assuming the post as College President, I have reflected everyday about how I can usher in positive change in our organization and catapult our beloved Sulu State College to greater heights. While my reflections have given some realizations on what do moving forward, they did not give me a complete picture or defined formula on how to make things happen. I have realized, my vision for SSC is incomplete without your individual visions. In the same manner that your individual visions are incomplete without our college leader’s visions. Hence, the only complete and palatable vision for SSC is one that is shared— our collective vision, our One SSC Vision.

The challenge of effecting positive change and institutionalizing a culture of excellence required our steadfast commitment. They require daily deliberate effort to deliver quality and relevant programs, projects, and activities. They require consistency in the performance of our duties. Above all, they require a deep sense of owner ship of our individual and collective missions as educators, and as an educational institution.

In my entire journey as your President, I am, and will be committed to actively engaged both the eternal and external stake holders of the school to collaboratively work towards achieving our collective vision. We need to work together if we are to move forward. We need to listen to each other if we are to progress. We need to do our best if we want to be the best.

With open hearts and open minds, let us move forward together.

Fly high, ONE SSC!