The College of Education, Sulu State College envisions itself as a center of Excellence and a Globally Competitive Institution in Human Resource Development, Instruction, Research, Extension and Production.

It likewise envisions its Teacher-Graduate as a total person and professional who:

  • Is imbued with love for learners as well as for lifelong learnings;
  • Is open to and at ease with change, is resourceful, proactive and learner focused, and a strategic planning mindset;
  • Is ready to reach out to the students, the parents and the community in general and;
  • Is committed to affecting social changes.


Provide, promote and facilitate the development of quality.

  • S- Self-Reliant
  • S- Self –Determination and
  • C- Committed

Professional Teachers as nation builders.

  • To provide Dynamics Leadership in the Continuing Education Development of In-service Teachers and School managers to enable them to meet the challenges of the changing times as well as the varied school setting.

  • Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) Major in Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, Filipino, English, Home Economics and Technology and Computer Education
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd)
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (BECEd)


Wise, passionate, and tempestuous, the Wizard is a deep and innovative thinker. Wizard is a symbol of creativity and magic led by slings and arrows that can transform the environment. One who bears the emblem of a wizard can be alluded as full of affection, thoughts, and ideas like an educator that casts magic into teaching and powerfully transform the lives of learners through the spell of wisdom and values.